High-quality fish products from Imatra

Vuoksen Kala offers a selection of fish products from fresh fish to pickled products. Try the wonderful shrimp-filled salmon rolls or grilled sea lampreys.

In addition to fish products, our fish shop sells domestic spices, vegetable oils, coffees, juices, and cloudberry and sea buckthorn jams. Welcome to our shop!

Fish products

Rainbow trout

  • Hot-smoked
  • Cold-smoked


  • Hot-smoked
  • Cold-smoked


  • Hot-smoked salmon fillet
  • With pepper
  • With garlic
  • With blue cheese
  • Rolls of hot-smoked salmon, with shrimp and cheese filling
  • Sliced hot-smoked salmon, lightly salted
  • Salmon steaks


  • Hot-smoked
  • Cold-smoked
  • Whole or as steaks


  • Hot-smoked
  • Whole or filéed


  • Hot-smoked


  • Grilled lamprey in marinade


  • Mustard marinade
  • Sour cream marinade
  • Lingonberry marinade

Lightly salted

  • Rainbow trout fillet
  • Salmon fillet

Fresh fish

  • A whole salmon
  • Sturgeon
  • Whitefish
  • Perch

Filéed fish

  • Rainbow trout
  • Salmon
  • Sturgeon
  • Pike perch

Roe products

Vacuum-packed fish products

Pickled fish

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Opening times

Monday-Saturday 9–18
Sundays 10–17

Product information

Fish products

Observe the expiration dates carefully!

The expiration dates for salted fish depend on the salt content of the fish: lightly salted fish (6-10 %) can be preserved in the fridge for 6-7 days at most, whereas medium or heavily salted fish keeps longer.

We abide with the old smoking methods

In smoking fish, we use alder dust, which provide the fish with a unique taste. We can also cure the fish on location. As a house specialty, we make steaks out of salmon, fresh or frozen. Hot-smoked fish keeps in the home fridge for 3 days at most, cold-smoked for 8-10 days. Fresh, gutted fish keeps in the home fridge for 5-7 days, whereas non-gutted fish should not be kept for more than three days.